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Lieutenant Commander Vok J'runn

Name Vok J'runn

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

General Information

Gender Male
Species Klingon
Age 32
Date of Birth 08/15/2647

Character Information

Height 6'2"
Weight 225 lbs.
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Vok is slender for a Klingon, weighing in at 225 lbs. He is not the tallest, nor is he short, averaging 6'2". He has a light complexion and keeps his long, dark hair pulled back from his face in a tight braid. Sometimes he does like to let it down and when he does it has a lot of natural curl and body. His eyes are puppydogish in shape and a golden brown in color, giving him a "kinder" look than most Klingons.

Family & Personality

Personality Overview Cordial is the best word to describe Vok's bedside manner. He isn't the warm and fuzzy sort, but he isn't without sympathy for his patients. His attitude is very matter-of-fact and although he respects and honors the chain of command he's never been afraid to speak his mind or make his feelings known.
Spouse None
Children None
Father L'rark J'runn
Mother Nivz J'runn
Brother(s) K'pasr J'runn (twin brother) (deceased)
Sister(s) None


History Vok was born in a Klingon colony in 2643. He's actually pure bloodied Klingon, something that he's really proud of since his people have been hunted to near extinction. His parents, even though they are also fullbloodied Klingon, are very progressively minded. They took their clan name as a last name in the human tradition, making it easier for them to associate with the many species they have encountered and live with. Vok's mother, Nivz, is a weapons specialist and is well known and respected for her innovative ideas and schematics. His father, L'rark, is a ship's captain and a fierce opponent of the Dominion. Vok grew up in a varied household, surrounded by all sorts of people and constantly moving with one parent or the other. When he was born there were two. Vok had a twin brother, K'pasr. Most Klingons are born twins, but one usually dies shortly after birth. K'pasr and Vok, however, both survived. They were complete opposites. K'pasr was a warrior from the beginning, always in contest or conflict with anyone and everyone around them. Vok was more compassionate, unlike his brother he was more interested in science and medical fields than beating people up. K'pasr's lifestyle also led to his early demise.

When Vok was of an age to attend more prestigious schools, his parents found him several. Vok poured himself into his studies. He discovered that his memory was good for medicine, almost to the point of being eidetic He also found that he had an aptitude for learning languages and enjoyed it. If he was going to help people he felt that the use of their own language was potentially a good way to put them at ease. With conflict constantly happening all around him he was assigned quickly right out of school and spent his internships aboard many vessels doing everything from front line triage to research and discovery.
Service Record Born 2643

2648-2661 Primary school (homeschooled and schooled remotely)

2661-2665 Undergraduate schooling (Primary focus in pre-med and biological sciences)

2665-2669 Medical schooling

2669-2673 Spent in Residency (Field medicine, triage, research)

2674 - Assigned USS Athena, Odyssey Class