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Commander Ariella Azulas

Name Ariella 'Ari' Azulas

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

General Information

Gender Female
Species Joined Trill
Age 37
Date of Birth 7/12/2638
Place of Birth USS Odyssey

Character Information

Height 5'6"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Green
Physical Description A woman of average height for a Trill, Ariella probably weighs a little less than she should, her slight frame making her look quite fragile – she has broader shoulders but a tiny waist line. She has naturally darker lips, the red colour often making her look as if she wears lipstick. She is fit and energetic, thanks in part to the previous host named Toran. Her body is covered in many of the spots associated with her people and they have a brown colour to them, actually getting darker the further down her body you look.

Family & Personality

Personality Overview Whilst she looks attractive, even cute and innocent, Azulas has a strong will and a feisty attitude that can be attributed to another former host, Kalani. Ariella is a talented communications specialist and scientist, having spent most of her fledgling career working on expeditions throughout the Galactic Federation as she made a name for herself. She gained a renewed love of science from yet another previous host, Jennica. It is from perhaps the most well known of the Azulas' hosts, Nilani, that Ari gained her strong air of authority and desire to command her own starship in the future. Cool, calm and collected, the Trill is very methodical in her work and prefers time to think things through before acting.

If she thinks an opinion or suggestion is wrong, she is not afraid to say so and like most command officers, she is happy to sit back and listen before putting her money where her mouth is. But behind her strong exterior she is the kindest, most caring person to her friends and fiercely loyal to her engineering colleagues. Despite this, she is clearly a woman not to be trifled with.

With a strong understanding of linguistics and a passion for languages, Ari is more than talented in her field, but despite her specialism in this area, make no mistake, she is highly competent scientist in other areas. Through the Azulas symbiont, Ari has a number of memories that have improved her abilities in other areas. Toran was an athlete and as such, her stamina has increased which allows her to be more athletic. Her greatest strength has been her ability to cope with the joining process and having the ability to ensure that the Ariella host has not been overtaken by the Azulas symbiont. In terms of weaknesses, Ari can come across as somewhat arrogant with a significant ego and this sometimes gives the false impression that she is unapproachable. When she lets someone in, she has a fragility that very few are allowed to see.

Ariella is an avid reader and can often be found relaxing, alone, in the mess facility of her posting with a good book to read. Whilst she sits alone, she doesn’t like silence and the mess facility provides adequate background noise. When not reading, she enjoys the company of her friends.


History The Azulas symbiont has lived for a total of 136 years in four previous hosts and is now with its fifth. Azulas was first joined in 2256 to a male called Toran. Toran was an incredible athlete and spent a lot of time running and taking part in different athletic sports. He won many interplanetary competitions until he was beaten in his prized event, the 5000 meters by a young upstart in 2275 at the age of 45. Toran spent the next thirty three years as a recluse, turning his hand to writing about the many events he had participated in. He died in 2308, a bestselling author and a father to two children prior to his joining.

The Azulas symbiont took these experiences with it when it was transferred to the Jennica host in 2308 when she was only 24. Jennica remains the youngest of the hosts to date. Jennica was a Science Officer in Starfleet at the time of joining, one of the first few Trills to have been accepted to the Academy and graduate. She spent thirty long years travelling the stars and developing a keen understanding of astrophysics and quantum chemistry until her death in 2338 at the age of 52. Jennica died after being struck by an energy surge in the main Engineering bay of the Excelsior class USS Potemkin. The energy surges caused an isoboramine imbalance that put the Azulas symbiont at risk. The symbiont was removed and kept stable as it was returned to Trill for re-joining, but this resulted in Jennica's death. A selfless act that Azulas has never forgotten.

By the time Azulas was joined with its third host in late 2338, the symbiont had already lived for eighty two years. The symbiont was transferred to its second female host, and oldest until Nilani, a short woman named Kalani. Kalani provided the Azulas symbiont with a strong sense of morality, but at the same time, every host since Kalani has commented on how feisty and confident they have become after being joined with the symbiont. Kalani and Azulas were joined for only 19 years, the shortest of all Azulas hosts. Kalani was a trader, serving the trade routes near to Cardassian space when a deal with a Cardassian Gul went sour. Her ship was chased into the Badlands and once there, it was struck by an energy stream. The stream resulted in significant damage to the freighter and she limped out of the Badlands, only to run into a Federation Starship, the USS Manchester. The Freighter crew had suffered with injuries and Kalani had been struck down by an exploding console. Her injuries were quite severe and the Manchester returned her to Trill. Whilst on Trill, the Cardassian Gul she had had problems with turned up and held her hostage at her home, refusing to let her leave. Kalani was stabbed during an altercation and died instantly. The Azulas symbiont was close to death when it was eventually rescued and returned to the Caves of Mak'ala and the care of the Guardians.

After a few months of recuperation, the symbiont was given to its fourth host, Aissa. The second male host for the symbiont, Aissa was a quiet, tolerant man who enjoyed painting and the arts. He loved to dance and entertain people and in later life, he served as a composer of music and a choreographer. In his spare time, Aissa would frequently visit the famous Hoobishan Baths and could be found hiking along the Tenaran Ice Cliffs. Aissa Azulas died of heart complications in early 2386 at the age of just 58.

At this point, the Azulas symbiont was transferred to a successful Trill initiate called Nilani, who served Starfleet as an Engineer.

Nilani Joranza was born on the Trill homeworld in 2355. Her father, Josias was a worker at the Symbiosis Commission when his wife, Mekela Prel gave birth to their only child. Mekela took a six month sabbatical from her position at the Trill Science Ministry in order to raise their child. Neither parent had ever been joined with one of the Trill symbionts but both wanted the very best for their child and put aside enough funds and resources to ensure she could do all the training she could possibly need to in order to become a Trill initiate when the time came. Josias used his experience at the Commission to get information and share that with Nilani from a young age. The girl was seen to be quite happy at the idea, but deep down, she was quite apprehensive at the prospect of becoming joined. When she was old enough to fully understand the process of joining and what it meant to Trills in particular, Nilani got even more nervous at the prospect. There were only three hundred symbionts available most years and over five thousand people would apply to become a host – what made her parents feel she was suitable? By the time she was 18, the choice was made for her in a drastic turn of events. The USS Excelsior had been transporting a Trill symbiont to Starbase 375 for joining with a new host when the ship became embroiled in the tragedy of Operation Return. Following the failed operation, the Excelsior retreated to a hidden location to regroup. During her time away from the lines, albeit short, the symbiont took a turn for the worse. As one of the only Trill's aboard who had any understanding of the initiate process, and despite her incredibly young age for joining, the decision was made for Nilani to become the host of the Azulas symbiont.

Nilani Azulas enjoyed a fabulously successful pairing for almost eighty years, the former engineer becoming a well respected Commanding Officer in the Galactic fleet and reaching the rank of Vice Admiral before her death in 2453 following complications after a shuttle accident.

Azulas was rescued and was paired with another three hosts (Danica, Keziah and Milo) before being transplanted into a young scientist called Ariella in 2652. The 23 year old scientist was aboard the USS Nogura (Sovereign-class) when they rescued the survivors of the shuttle crash. As Trill history had been re-written following the exodus from the Alpha Quadrant, it was widely known that more Trill were compatible than ever before. As such, simple tests discovered that the symbiont was a match for Ariella and the joining was made official. In the fifteen years since, the pair have struck up quite a partnership, utilising the past experiences of every host to help Ariella climb the ranks so that she would be in the right place, at the right time, when the Galactic Federation sought to complete their mission and return to the Alpha Quadrant.