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Lieutenant Hunter Hudson

Name Hunter Hudson

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant

General Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27
Date of Birth March 1st
Place of Birth New Dawn

Character Information

Height 5"9
Weight 160 lbs
Hair Color Light Brown
Eye Color Teal
Physical Description Hunter is an athletic man of medium height, his clothing hides the physique underneath he works hard to maintain. His hair is usually styled to within an inch of perfection. He swears by the out-of-bed look. His shoulders are broader for someone of his height, adding to his athletic silhouette. Hunter wears glasses during his shift as he feels they help him better than any surgery to correct it would Hunter has a full left arm sleeve tattoo that encroaches on his chest on the same side. It begins at his wrist with flowers, rising up to become trees that reach to the sky. On his upper arm, leading to his chest it comes a space and nebula scene. He is currently planning one for his back, across his shoulders and is yet to find the correct inspiration for it.

Family & Personality

Personality Overview Hunter is friendly, bubbly and approachable type he is known to shift back into his more charming, mischievous and overconfident ways if needs must, or a particular situation or person calls for it.
He is warm and easy-going off duty and known to be the life and soul of any party. He likes to think of himself as a best friend to all and loves nothing more than the company of others.
He is a man who knows how to play hard, but at the same time, knows how to work hard. He takes his work seriously (most of the time) and is known to crack a joke in a tense situation. His choice of humour tends to lean to the more sarcastic side, so people who are easily offended can take a while to warm to him.
Hunter takes his duty seriously and gives it the respect and importance it deserves. He genuinely tries to have a friendly rapport with all the crew, so they feel comfortable approaching him at any time they need.
Spouse None
Children None
Father Ryan Hudson (Biological), Paul Chesterfield-Hudson
Mother Unknown
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) Megan Hudson, Honey Hudson


History Hunter Hudson, son to Paul and Ryan Hudson, is one of the few left in a long line of tradition within the remnants of the United Federation of Planets in the Galactic Federation. From a young age, Hunter has always stood as an outsider, from his schooling on New Dawn to completing his special assignment to join the Galactic Fleet as an Engineer.

Despite all this, he could not have asked for a better upbringing, two loving parents and two overly protective older sisters. From a young age, Hunter knew exactly the type of person he was. He liked fixing things, liked making things; liked pulling things apart to see how they worked; liked flying both remote control toys and anything could get behind the helm of, liked making models of things, and he liked boys. In a way, this was both a good and a bad thing. His family knew what he wanted and how to cater to it, and it leads Hunter to find his adventures too. Many a time his parents would be called to the principal’s office during his early school days for something he had either demolished for parts or created something that caused a mild explosion in the playground. To this day no one lets him forget the time he tried to add a new frictionless surface to the slide that caused someone to fly so far off the slide they got stuck in a tree. As part of this, he was brought up to harbour a strong resentment to those who forced his ancestors and leave their homeworlds. Often he would spend time looking at what records they had of the Sol System, wondering what life would have been like there and what life was like their now.

At age 17, he took on the requirements to join the Galactic Fleet where his love for all things engineering was fostered and encouraged. He excelled here and was quickly put on the fast track to joining a ship as an Engineering Officer. Hunter would often be looking for an additional challenge from his superiors, taking on projects and assisting with matters above his grade.

Over the years and on differing assignments, Hunter proved himself to be a talented and imaginative engineer. Each assignment he was praised for his unconventional way of thinking and at times, chastised for not being patient enough and just carrying out what he thought best. Time and experience began to temper that side to him and he was selected for a Chief Engineering position of his own in the new jewel in the Fleet, the USS Athena.