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Lieutenant Commander Peter Gardner

Name Peter Gardner

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

General Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 El Aurian 1/2 Vulcan
Age 406
Date of Birth 9th July 2285
Place of Birth England, Earth

Character Information

Height 6ft
Weight 145lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Peter stands at 6ft, weighing 145 pounds. Body wise, he is proportioned well, something he maintains by regular exercise, which exceeds the requirement by a long shot. His physical fitness is of a very high standard, with a regime he has been using for many years, developed during his time working with the Special Operations Branch of Starfleet Intelligence. He believes in being prepared and with the situations, he found himself in during his time in Starfleet Intelligence, his fitness was a survival essential, one that he wouldn't have lived without. His hair is short black and kept short, in keeping with the various regulations that pertain to hair.

Family & Personality

Personality Overview Peter is a genial man, tempered over many years serving under Angharad Milok. Peter is very passionate about the values of the Federation and upholding them, including strong views on family and loyalty. Having lived for one hundred and ten years, Peter has seen and learnt much, but he still believes there i

Peter is a careful, thoughtful and considerate man, opting to listen to people talk first, so as to better make his own argument or case. Pausing and allowing others to speak, being a listener is considered tobe apart of his race, or at least half of his race. Regardless of where it came from, it greatly assisted him during his training and subsequent work as a medical practitioner. The training as a medical practitioner only served to refine and mold his already good listening skills.

His time working with Starfleet Intelligence gave him a different outlook which changed him slightly, but only so as much as learning about the threats that SFI dealt with whilst the general populace of the Federation remained unaware of those actions.

Peter takes his duty seriously but is not a 'jobsworth'. Having worked as an Analyst, he had to take his job seriously, but that isn't to say Peter doesn't have a wacky sense of humour.

Peter is extremely well educated and always tries to approach situations from an intellectual perspective.
Father Tollud Gardner
Mother Lor'Mennie
Brother(s) Daniel Gardner
Sister(s) Karissa Gardner


History Early Life
Peter was born in 2285, 20 years after the destruction of El Auria. His brother was born 2 years later in 2287 and his youngest sibling, his sister, was born in 2288. The Gardner children were raised in England, their parents working at Starfleet Headquarters for the entirety of their children's childhood.

Peter was incredibly academically talented, consistently achieving average grades until he entered his Secondary Education. Over the last 300 years or so, the Education system had been renovated to take into account the wider knowledge base that was available. Secondary School children were taught extra things such, the study of aliens/anthropology, languages (including basic Klingon, Andorian and selective, such as a Vulcan, Orion, or an alternative Earth Language ). He excelled in these classes, which prompted him to take more interest in his other classes. This resulted in him achieving above averages grades consistently throughout his time in Education.

He was extremely close to both of his siblings, even as children they rarely thought or had the traditional sibling rivalry. They went to school, studied together and played together. His Father was over 500 year's old and had been to Earth before, as had many El-Aurians, where he travelled and learned the culture of the Human population.

One of the many things he learnt was a martial art whilst in China called Wing Chun. What surprised his Father was how focused his teacher was and how many years of practice. He eventually told the man his secret, who accepted this truth far easier than what he believed was possible. He studied under his teacher for 30 years, when he died at the age of 80 before he later returned to El Auria. When he arrived back on Earth in 2266 after the Borg Invasion, Tollud had returned to China, settling here for the next 20 years and again studying the art of the Wing Chun.

When his children were born, Tollud taught his children from an early age at their new home in England, teaching not only the martial art itself but the values that underpinned it and made it what it was, one of the few things that had survived the passage of time. This had a significant influence on Peter, his siblings, influencing them and the people they later went on to become.

Peter began craving knowledge, more and more even after he left the compulsory education of his youth. He spent the next 50 years studying and training in a variety of different subjects.

Life at Earth University
Peter first attended the University of Earth, where he obtained several undergraduate and masters degree, choosing the subjects on the basis of what interested him, which were Xeno-Linguistics, Computer and Genetics. After obtaining both undergraduate and master's degree's in these subjects, he spent time considering what he wanted to with these newly found qualifications. In truth, there were lots of things Peter could do with them, Starfleet Academy he knew would offer him a placement.

Peter still felt like he hadn't found his 'calling'. He enrolled to be a Physician, qualifying not only as a General Practitioner but also a Surgeon of considerable skill. He completed his residency within Starfleet, but as a civilian Doctor at one of the many hospital facilities on Earth. He excelled as a Doctor, he enjoyed helping people, he enjoyed being able to make them feel better and he got pleasure out of it.

Being at a global university, Peter's classes were varied and diverse, the different races that attended were something that fascinated Peter, culture and sociology was another subject area that Peter hoped to be able to explore further someday. He often started his day in Australia then ended up somewhere in Europe as the day went on.

But this still wasn't enough for Peter. There were underlying conditions in some of his patients that he was neither able to diagnose or treat and this troubled him. He applied and was successful in applying for several programs at the University of Betazed.

Life at Betazed University
Betazed was an entirely new experience for Peter. It was here, whilst studying he met his first love Kivre Deilun, a native Betazoid, studying for her Psychology undergraduate and masters, at the same time Peter was. They had a whirlwind romance, but it soon ended with Kivre choosing to go to Starfleet Academy and when Peter decided that he wasn't yet ready to attend the Academy, Kivre then decided she wasn't going to have a long distance relationship. Peter very nearly decided to give up his studying so that he didn't lose Kivre.

After completing his undergraduate and postgraduate in Psychology, he completed his Doctorate program in Psychology. Before he left Betazed for the last time, he studied for an extra 5 years, to achieve his Psychiatric qualification. He interned on Betazed, working with various people in various stages of mental illness.

Family Life
The benefits of having Parents who worked in San Francisco meant they were home every evening, they could enjoy family time, family events and family meals as a Family. This was a definite positive in any family household as proven by years of psychological research into attachment between parents and their young.

As a family, they had regular holidays every year. By the time Peter was 15, he had travelled around most of the Earth, visiting Africa, America, Australia, Europe, Greece and many others. It was when he was 11 years old, he has his SCUBA dive, a sport he instantly fell in love with. Peter found that he was quite proficient at this sport, taking the classes. As a family, they did this every year, even after Peter and his siblings had graduated from Starfleet Academy. This ensured that the family remained very close to each other.
Service Record Starfleet Academy
Peter applied to Starfleet Academy in 2353 and was later accepted. His years at the Academy were some of the best in his life as he wasn't always the model student. Like any typical student, most nights were an excuse to get drunk and walk into class late. By midway through his second year, however, this was totally out his system and his grades increased. His Instructors noted how good his physical and mental aptitudes were. He excelled from the mid 2nd year to his 4th year. including becoming one of the masters of Starfleet's Wing Chun Association, the form of Kung Fu his Father had taught him.

In his 3rd and final year he was given some tutelage by Instructors he originally thought to be an Academy Instructors, but when he graduated in 2357, he discovered that they were Intelligence Operatives. He had already been ear-marked and this additional training was a further test of his aptitude. Upon graduation, he was invited to join Starfleet Intelligence.

Starfleet Intelligence
He was sent out immediately on his first mission, his variety of skills made him an excellent field operative, but for the majority, he remembers just 'winging' it. The mission was being a gardener on Romulus for a Senator. Peter later found out this was more a test of his abilities, as Starfleet had many more operatives in much higher places than a lowly gardener who would hear much more than he was ever able to.

When he returned from this mission in 2359, he was enrolled on the Fast-Track Special Operations Trainee program, incorporating leadership, first contact, diplomatic studies, advanced weapons training and advanced espionage training. He was given field-based assignments under more experienced operatives to supplement his training. He was signed off as qualified in 2365.

From 2365 to 2369, he worked on various operations classified under the 'Special Operations' section, becoming a valuable asset to the section and to Starfleet Intelligence. It was during these years that he met several people, including Kasin Koll and Angharad Milok.

In 2369, the discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole and later in 2370 first contact with the Dominion changed a lot of Starfleet Intelligence's focus. The Special Operations section was tasked with intelligence gathering on the Dominion and Peter spent the next 3 years running covert operations into Dominion Space to learn about Starfleet's newest enemy. But in 2373, open war was declared by the Dominion on the Federation

Dominion War
The Dominion War began in earnest and Peter was pulled from his field operations to serve aboard a starship as a Chief Security and Tactical Officer of the USS Galaxy. He later served as the First Officer aboard the Galaxy. When he was given his field promotion, he was also informed that he was being earmarked for a special mission in case the war didn't go the way that Starfleet planned. In 2374, he was given order's to proceed to unnamed ship, the manifest didn't record a name.

The Great Journey
Peter eventually learned what the mission entailed, when they had begun getting further and further away from the Alpha Quadrant, Peter had demanded to know what was going on. He was eventually told and he does not recall even today how he remained calm. Perhaps it was the logic of the situation. If his family survived the war, they would more than likely be alive when they eventually returned. Others did not have that luxury.

The journey took 40 years until they eventually reached their home. Peter had been promoted, for the briefest of times to Captain, for the final year of the journey. Upon arrival in the Delta Quadrant, he like all the others who had made the trip dug in and helped make their home in the Delta Quadrant, alongside Captain Janeway, whom they had met in 2389.

Once the core work had been done and Peter contributed what he could, he resigned his commission, choosing to work as a Civilian Doctor, utilizing not only his Medical training but also psychiatric training in an attempt to heal the fractured psyche of the Federation Remnant.

Peter quite enjoyed retirement, he wasn't bound by duty, he helped when he needed to and other times he read, he journaled and contributed in small ways, which included the next generation of Doctors.

However, some 300 years later, in Peter's 406th year, he recieved a communique from the 'Galactic' Federation, offering him a position aboad the flagship of the ship that would soon return home. Peter took the offered position without a moments doubt.