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Civilian Rin Pitt

Name Rin Pitt

Position Chef

Rank Civilian

General Information

Gender Male
Species Half Caitian and human
Age 21

Character Information

Height 6ft2
Weight 170
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Mostly human looking with only a few feline attributes. Fit and toned, not overly muscular.

Scar on right forearm

Blue eyes.

Spiky red hair

Family & Personality

Personality Overview Rin is pretty down to earth. Nothing much gets him down. Or mad. It does happen, but those episodes are free and far between.

He wouldn't say he bottles stuff up but it's the next best thing. He doesn't like a lot of drama

A little bit of a loner


History Rin didn't really have the best of childhoods, losing his parents early on in his life. So from a young age he had to make his own way in the world. Which was a relative walk in a park. He had a choice, foster care or a "job" in space.

Being young and stupid he chose the job. About a day after he wished he chose foster care. For good reason, the ten year old was basically the ships gofer. That is when he wasn't sleeping.

He spent most of his time in the galley, where it turned out he had a knack for the culinary arts. Which surprised him more than anything else. Which was basically all he's been good at.

So he's bounced around from place to place, Manning people's stoves
Service Record Been a cook all his adult life