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Meeting the CO

Posted on Thu Jun 6th, 2019 @ 2:23pm by Captain Neema Mar & Commander Ariella Azulas

Mission: Episode 1 - Saying Goodbye
Location: Omega Lounge
Timeline: Mission Day 4 at 1500

It hadn't been long after receiving her new orders that she was report to the Athena as the ships executive officer. It wasn't the first time she had been on the ship, having worked briefly on a number of her systems roughly a year ago, but it was the first time she had come aboard as a member of her crew. She'd been escorted to the ships main lounge and was sitting with a beverage in hand as she awaited the arrival of the ships Captain. It was a very different setting for a meet and greet than she had expected.

Perhaps it was the fact that in Section 31 she did most dealings in bars and shadier places but something about a setting like the ship's Omega Lounge gave Neema the feeling that conversations were more honest and frank. With the mission they were facing, she needed to know she could trust her XO. With her life if needed but more importantly with their mission. The Athena was the first ship going back and its failure would set back the Galactic Federation a century as it would need to strongly reconsider how to undertake the return home. After receiving confirmation that Ariella had arrived she walked into the Lounge and ordered a Supernova from the bar before proceeding to the table where the new Commander was sitting. "Commander Azulas, I presume.”

Air rose to her feet and nodded respectfully to the Captain, a beverage of her own in hand. “Captain Mar,” She smiled, “Ariella Azulas,” she confirmed.

"Please sit down again" Neema said with a smile. "I imagine you probably think this is an unusual place to meet" She added while sitting down opposite her new XO herself. "I however find people tend to be the most honest in places like these"

"The prospect of being blown to pieces should that particle destabilise is somewhat... unnerving," the XO told as she took her seat and glared at the omega particle that lit the room. It was a very surreal experience for sure. "I'd like to thank you for accepting my appointment Captain. I can imagine you had many candidates to choose from," the blonde told as she nursed her beverage.

Neema smiled. "I like to consider it a permanent reminder of the volatility of life" She said. "I did indeed have a great list of candidates and you were the best on it" She added before taking a sip from her drink. "How much do you know about our mission?"

“We’re going to go and drive the Dominion out of our homes,” the Commander smirked, ‘isn’t it the same as it has been for three hundred years?” Upon hearing that she was the best candidate on the list, the Commander’s comfort level rose a notch and she relaxed a little. Maybe she did deserve to be there after all?

Neema smiled, she definitely liked this woman's attitude. "Damn right we are" She said before drinking some more of her beverage. "While the prospect of returning to our ancestral home will be exciting for most, I do expect we may be dealing with some people homesick for our new home. There are a lot of things we can encounter back in the Alpha Quadrant as well so morale is going to be very important."

"This mission is integral to ongoing fleet morale," the Commander added, "people must be living under a rock to not notice the clamour to go home. We've been out here for three hundred years and we've never been further away from our homes. It's time to go," Azulas agreed.

"That I can drink to" Neema replied, smiling. "Now, do you have any questions?"

"Expectations? Breakdown of the senior staff? Any special orders?" Ari queried as she took a further sip of her beverage.

Neema nodded, she could appreciate the brevity behind outlining all questions at once. "To the crew I expect you to be the enforcer of my will, in private I expect you to be the voice of the crew. As part of our mission I am going to need to maintain a certain distance from the rest of the crew. I will need you to both make sure that dissent is handled with quickly but at the same time that legitimate concerns are brought to me. The Senior Staff is composed of a pretty wide range of individuals, from formerly retired Starfleet Officers to the liberated Borg Queen. While Galactic Fleet Command is aware of the difficulties this may bring they are certain we will be able to handle it. As for special orders. There is one you should be aware of. The Fleet Admiral has granted the both of us a Priority One Authorization to use Omega weapons. Contrary to usual procedure, this authorization is indefinite and allows us to make the call on our own initiative whether or not we feel the use of these weapons is suitable and warranted. The lack of oversight on this burdens us with additional responsibility" She replied, to answer all questions at once.

Wow. That was much more than she had expected, but it didn't deter her from her resolve to do the very best that she could. The burden of responsibility was one that she would relish regardless of the circumstances they found themselves in and she was more than willing to be the Captain's enforcer. "So, when do we leave?" the Trill Commander grinned, showing her eagerness to get to work.

Neema smiled. "One week from today, Commander."

"I expect there to be many preparations still to complete?" Ari queried, looking around the rather fancy mess facility before focusing on the Captain. "Where would you like me to begin?"

"We're going to get a lot of new crew. It's important discipline is absolute from the start" Neema responded.


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