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Quiet Reflection

Posted on Mon Mar 18th, 2019 @ 3:04am by Captain Neema Mar
Edited on on Sun Mar 24th, 2019 @ 10:52pm

Mission: Episode 1 - Saying Goodbye
Location: Captain's Quarters, USS Athena
Timeline: Mission Day 10 at 2000

Neema looked through the large window in the living room section of her quarters, below she could see New Dawn Prime in full glory, with the ship as close to the planet as it was you could even see some of the structures built that reached far into the sky. As she looked down she wondered if the people there had any idea what was happening up here. If they even cared? The Galactic Fleet was fully committed to their return but she had to imagine plenty of people had made New Dawn Prime their home and didn't care much for a return. Beyond her training it was as much the experience of her symbiont that made her desire the return so much. To walk through the streets of Trill, to smell the cherry blossoms in season on Earth, and of course to drink with the Klingons on Qo'noS. Consciously she knew that those worlds and those memories would never return even if their mission was a success, but somewhere she held out hope.

"Computer, play Mar-25-Alpha from the historical music archive" She said as a playlist composed of various songs from Federation history started playing in the background. Music never ceased to have a calming effect prior to a mission. She would proceed to walk to the replicator where she ordered herself a glass of scotch before heading for her office. Neema had never had much contact with her parents, owing to having started her training at a very young age but part of her wanted her to get her affairs in order before she left their home possibly to never return. The mission would remain classified until they managed to successfully establish communications from the Alpha Quadrant but she could probably still get a letter sent without the classified bits.

"Computer, begin recording" She ordered as she sat down and after taking a sip from the drink.

"Father, mother,

When you receive this message I will most likely have already left the system. I have been given the command of a ship on a special mission. I cannot reveal the nature of this mission beyond saying that it is of vital importance to the security interests of the Galactic Federation... and that I may not come back from it.

I know we never talked much but I have always respected the sacrifices you have made to provide me with the best education possible, I would not trade my occupation for anything in the world and without you it would have never been possible.

I hope that some day soon the true nature of my current mission will be revealed to you and to the Galactic Federation at large, I am sure you will be proud of me. Regardless of outcome. I love you, and goodbye"

"Computer, end recording, save and send to the Tyjen Residence on New Amsterdam, New Dawn Prime" As the computer confirmed transmission she finished the glass of scotch. There was one more message she needed to send. To someone special.

"Computer, begin another recording" She said with a sigh, this message was going to be even harder than the last one.

"Jacob, my love,

When last we spoke I told you I had been called to the Fleet Admiral for an important mission. I could never imagine just how important it was. While I am not able to tell you, I can say it will allow for all that we ever dreamed about our future holding. As part of this assignment I am going to go away and there is a real chance that I may not be able to return. I love you, but if the worst ends up happening I want you to move on. I do not want your life to be wasted.

No matter the difficulties and hazards I may encounter, the memories we've made will keep me going and I would do anything to return to your arms.

Goodbye Jacob, until soon"

"Computer, end recording, save and send to Captain Jacob Burton, Commanding Officer, USS Jean-Luc Picard"

With transmission of the second message confirmed as well, she now had all affairs in order. "Well then, let's see what you can do for us" Neema said at no particular object in particular but very much intended for the ship she was on. After cleaning up her face in the bathroom and straightening her uniform she headed for the Omega Lounge to grab a quick bite to eat before heading to the bridge where their mission would finally begin properly.


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