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Have We Lost Ourselves

Posted on Wed Feb 13th, 2019 @ 11:07pm by Lieutenant Commander Peter Gardner
Edited on on Sun Mar 24th, 2019 @ 10:53pm

Mission: Episode 1 - Saying Goodbye
Location: New Dawn
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1400

Peter put down the PADD, having finished the day's journal entry. He had grown a beard, which had turned grey, the only obvious sign of his advanced age. He had removed himself from the hub and bub of general society. He could see that something had been lost. He knew that Section 31 had been part of this forsaken mission a long time and his journals had centred around his belief that they were somehow still in control of the new so-called Galactic Federation.

If he'd of known of their involvement at the start of the mission, he would've found a way to circumvent them or die in the attempt. He had, unfortunately, his fair share of dealing with the shadowy agency of Starfleet Intelligence. He had unfortunately crossed them in a bad way during one of his operations to prevent them from assassinating a high ranking official. He couldn't quite recall what planet his mission had been on, it had been such a long time ago.

He detested Section 31 and he had made no secret of that during his time on New Dawn. But it had gotten him nowhere, except trouble. In the end, his protests had just gone in writing, that perhaps someday would give enough to start a revolution. Peter was disinclined to start one himself. But he continued to log their transgressions, their crimes that he hoped, would someday be made to answer.

Peter rarely ventured out, except to enjoy one of his walks, which was carefully mapped out with places to pause to check he wasn't being followed, perhaps it was paranoia or old habits, but he always did the same walks, with the carefully alternated diversions, that would enable him to double back on himself to make one of his many escape routes. He had planned for this because his journals were put on his PADD, which he had no doubt was being monitored because of his previous behaviour and because of the content of his journals.

His latest journal had contained some highly controversial statements, such as, The Galactic Federation was essentially a police state. Peter often wondered and journaled this, if what they had lost, 301 years ago, their home, their families, their freedom, their values, their laws and ideals, was worth it. They had given up so much and not out of choice. In this quadrant, he wasn’t a loyalist. He had been asked several times to return to duty, to carry out tasks for the so called intelligence service but has flatly refused.

He truly had started to begin to believe the people of the true Federation had lost themselves to this new Galactic Federation. He was brought out his musings by a knock on the door. He hadn't had visitors for a long time. He didn't actually have any friends, he was a loner. So this was a surprise. However, this only meant it was members of the so called Starfleet. He stood up, getting out of his chair and walked to the door. He hit the door open button.

Sure enough, it revealed members of Starfleet. There was a young woman, no more than 20 to 25, clearly an administrative aide of some kind and behind her, either side of her stood two burly men. He smiled in an amused way. The last time they had spent the recruiters to his house, it hadn't ended well for the Officers who had been told to try and forcibly encourage him. "Yes, Lieutenant, what can I do for you?" He said, addressing the young woman, but allowing his amused expression to be shared between the two men for a few more moments before turning his gaze onto the female.

"Starfleet Command," She began, to which Peter scoffed,"would like you to consider a new offer to return to the fleet." Peter had already begun shaking his head "No thank you, Lieutenant. And gentleman, if you are here to force me, it'll end no better when this was last attempted." he stated, shifting his legs to shoulder width, spreading his weight evenly. In reply the two men flexed their muscles and took a small step forward. The female held her hand up to the two men, halting them. "Well, before I that as your final answer, its for a mission to return to the Alpha Quadrant."

Peter's eyes, which had been alternating between the two men, anticpating some form of attack, snapped back to the woman. This has taken him by surprise. After 301 years, were they really going back? Was he being paranoid or was there some connection between 301 and 31? He dismissed the thought for the moment. He collected himself, relaxing himself into a calmer posture. "Keep talking, Lieutenant."

The female quickly explained about the Athena and its mission parameters to return to the Alpha Quadrant, to conduct reconansance and to engage in guerrila warfare almost against the Dominion. "Starfleet Command would commision you as a Lieutenant Commander, to the position of Chief Security and Tactical Officer." Peter chuckled. "Is that it? I was a Captain once you know." He said jokingly. None of his audience laughed. "Very well," He said quickly," I'll do it."

"Very good. Welcome back to the fleet, Commander." The woman stated. Peter nodded. "Ah yes. You're dismissed." He said, abruptly, signalling the doors to close.

He was going home. He was going home to see if his family had survived. And when the opportunity presented itself, maybe after the Dominion had been battered back, he would jump ship. He needed the Federation proper, not this Section 21 imitation.

Mum, Dad, Karissa and Danielhe thought to himself, I'm coming home


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